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Long battle

posted 17 Jan 2016, 01:30 by Sandra Kirby
Last night with Marie we went to see movie Suffragette. Movie was better than either of us expected - although obviously sympathetic to women's cause it wasn't overly soppy. Main character lost her job; her marriage; her son and her home. No tidy happy ending either. 
NZ well known for being first country to give votes for women -1893; though this was as much good luck as good management - vote had passed Lower House. Seddon working to ensure it was blocked in Upper House - thought he had numbers to stop it but 2 Councillors changed their vote and so it was passed.
Actually  Cook Island women voted first as they had a general election before NZ 
Great Britain took till 1928 to give all women the vote. What was surprising was countries like Switzerland took till 1971 to get vote.