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Learning Russian

posted 23 Aug 2015, 09:45 by Mark Kirby   [ updated 23 Aug 2015, 09:47 ]
Greetings from Balkhash

Having an interesting time here. Had my first real day of work since leaving London on Thursday night so starting to feel useful. 
We flew into Almaty early on Friday and I checked out the city while my travel companions had some meetings - check out the pictures below. 

In Kazakhstan they speak Russian and I have really been struggling to pick up any of the language. The sounds that you need to make are very different from English (forget about the characters!) so much so that the tongue of a native Russian speaker sits differently from that of someone who was brought up speaking English. The English speakers tongue will lay at rest touching the back of the top teeth while a Russian speakers tongue lies flat in their mouths while not in use. 

Attached the list I've been using. Think I've got Hi and thank you mastered but the rest needs work.... but I did manage to get a black coffee and a bottle of water this morning without help. Fortunately Alexey, one of guys travelling is fluent so he does most of the ordering. 

Off to bed now but will speak to you all soon. 

Kazak graveyard
Kazak Graveyard

Very nice bank

Zenkov Cathedral
Zenkov Cathedral

Russian Greetings

Доброе утроDobraye ootroGood morning
Добрый деньDobriy den'Good afternoon
Добрый вечерDobriy vyecherGood evening
Рад тебя видетьRat teebya veedet'Nice to see you!
Как поживаешь?Kak pazhivayesh?How are you?
Спасибо, прекрасно!Spaseeba preekrasna!Fine, thanks!
Неплохо!Neeploha!Not so bad
Как Вас зовут?Kak vas zavoot?What's your name?
Меня зовут...Meenya zavoot...My name is...

Saying Thanks in Russian

СпасибоSpaseebaThank you
Большое спасибоBal'shoye spaseebaThank you very much.
Не за чтоNyezashtaThat's all right
ПожалуйстаPazhalooystaYou're welcome


ПроститеPrasteeteExcuse me
Ничего, ничего, пожалуйстаNeechevo, neechevo, pazhaloostaThat's all right
Ничего страшногоNeechevo srashnavaNo harm

Saying Goodbye in Russian

К сожалению, мне (нам) пора идтиK sazhalyeneeyoo mnye (nam) para eetteeI'm sorry I (we) should be going
До свидания!Da sveedaneeyaGood-bye!
УвидимсяOoveedeemsyaSee you
Счастливого пути!Schasleevava pooteeHave a nice trip!

Speaking, Comprehension

Вы говорите по-английски?Vi gavareetye pa angleeskee?Do you speak English?
Я плохо говорю по-русскиYa plokha gavaryoo parooskeeMy Russian is bad
Говорите, пожалуйста, медленнееGavareetye pazhalooystamyedleeneyCould you speak more slowly?
Я не понимаюYa nee paneemayooI don't understand
Я понимаюYa paneemayooI understand