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Laws made to be broken?

posted 21 Feb 2012, 00:53 by Sandra Kirby

In one of those amazing images this phot was published in 1934 to deliberately violate a photogrpahy code known as the Hays Code. The code was developed to avoid governmental regulation and  prohibited some plot lines and imagery from films - there was to be no cleavage, no lace underthings, no drugs or drinking, no corpses, and no one shown getting away with a crime.

so here we see cleavage, inner thighs, lace underwear, crime being got away with, smoking and drinking and of course a corpse.  Hard to imagine movies that didn't contain any of these.

I'm guessing the code was short lived.

 I guess any code has some value.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the large Chch earthquake - with 168 families experiencing the first anniversary of the death of a loved one.  Today the remains of the last 4 people, officially unidentifiable have been buried at the Avonhead cemetery.