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Knotting the knickers

posted 28 Jun 2015, 12:35 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 28 Jun 2015, 13:07 ]
Big news yesterday in NZ - which may be indicative that it was a slow news day- two bars in Auckland are using topless women to sell raffle tickets where the prize is a meat tray.  In a really classy move the promotions is "Tits for tickets" 
Been doing this for 10 years so not like it's a new thing but someone this week decided that because this happens in a bar that adjoins a restaurant it is dangerous.  The restaurant where families with <gasp> children sometimes eat dinner.  Innocent children might have been exposed to naked flesh.
I can imagine for 10 years there have been some, less than innocent, children who have revelled in peeking Have a vision of kids probably around 10-14 who suddenly get very weak bladder requiring multiple toilet trips that just happen to pass by the bar where they can sometimes see ticket sellers with tits.  
I can only imagine how unsexy it is for ticket sellers who have to flash a bit of flesh to get people to buy tickets for sausages.  No way to make a living but is an interesting take on a meat raffle if you think fashion shows and strippers are referred to as meat markets by feminists anyway. certainly not worth getting knickers in a knot over.