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Knee defender wars

posted 31 Jul 2015, 21:50 by Tony Kirby
Reading this morning about an 84 year old NZ woman who found herself unable to recline her Korean Airlines seat. She said that the man behind her must have thought she didn't know anything because she was just an old woman, but no. Once she had been a stewardess for NAC, our national carrier until 1978. This meant that she kept up with new developments and realised that her inability to recline her seat was due to a knee defender. She discussed her problem  with the crew and after several long conversations behind her, the seat was released.

Knee defenders are described as 'perhaps the most passive-aggressive product ever invented'

Another high point of the article....Clip a Knee Defender in place and the person seated in front of you cannot recline their seat. Like AK47s, they're cheap, easy to use and likely to turn a mild disagreement into full-scale warfare.