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Kids Say the Darndest Things

posted 2 Apr 2013, 19:02 by Adrian Kirby   [ updated 2 Apr 2013, 19:33 ]
Hi everyone,
Have been catching up on the blog today - my PC is *still* unfixed having been sent in 4 weeks ago - I received an email saying they ordered a new mainboard on 28/03 and have not received an ETA; I am not expecting to see it until May at least I suspect.
Sorry I wasn't able to catch up over the weekend - I was out of cellphone range on Saturday at Hanging Rock (of Picnic at... fame) for Bruce Springsteen and it was 1am in NZ by the time I returned to the city. It was great to be out in the country and Hanging Rock is absolutely gorgeous. I am happy to report that I didn't disappear, nor did anyone disappear or become hysterical searching for me. I did, however, get lost in the dark on my walk back to the coaches & end up in a paddock full of wild kanagroo. I'd be lying if I said the events of the film didn't cross my mind at that point! 
Not my photo - the weather was far worse for my visit!
Anyway, thought I would share my new favourite place on the internet. This is a place where someone who moderates a site for kids to share their jokes posts the jokes deemed too offensive or nonsensical for the site. I would like to share every single one but I will just post a few favourites:

what did the egg say to the other egg?
have a eggsellent day.
i hope you laugh out loud and tell your friends this joke. if your friends dont get the joke explain the joke. IT WILL BE FUNNY


I have 2 Hamsters. 1 that is dumb and one that is awsome so if dumb went away I would have awsome left


And one that seems to be particularly pertinent to our Mark:

what does a pig like other than you ? 

a pig friend to kiss and marrie when he is 30.


I'm glad Mark has indeed found a pig friend to kiss and marrie [sic] now he is 30