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Kate is beckoning

posted 14 Sept 2014, 02:06 by Sandra Kirby
With the elections only a week away now it is not surprising that this is dominating the news.  Mark, as an aside your voting papers are here . .
Voting, for women, often brings up Kate Sheppard as word association.  Two pieces of news related to Kate Sheppard.  Wellington City Council has changed some lights at pedestrian crossings so that instead of a green man telling you to cross the road it is Kate Sheppard.  When I was walking up Willis St the other day I spotted a Kate light.
The other Kate Sheppard news is that Women's Refuge have paid a substantial amount of money to create a 2m high statue of Kate Sheppard with messages related to domestic abuse.  Apparently when the project was started the group was promised space in the grounds of Parliament for the statue but now statue complete the place that is offered is away from anywhere people will see it - not the position Women's Refuge was planning.