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Jiggety jog

posted 13 Oct 2012, 01:35 by Sandra Kirby
Saturday night and we are back in Wellington.  Nana still with us till Monday.
Flight home relatively uneventful although we landed at the same time as quite a few other flights in an airport that is not set up for the congestion.  Immigration was a piece of cake but baggage and then bio security took over an hour to get through.
Worse than Heathrow which deals with far more flights.

Lovely to be home.  Went to collect Lily who was ecstatic at seeing us.  Now exhausted and sleeping on "her" couch in computer room.  
We thought Melbourne weather was bad, and certainly London wasn't the greatest but Wellington today is just plain miserable - high winds as we landed have given way to rain, hail and gusts - feels like midwinter.

Just as we'll we were travelling to see people not for the weather.

It has been lovely to see very settled Mark in London and now very settled Adrian in Melbourne.  Had dinner with Eleys tonight and as ever both Noel and Liz talked with some longing of the day John Nd Nick come back to NZ.   I am content in thinking that Mark and Adrian are happy and settled and that the distances do not detract from our close relationship.  And what these trips have confirmed is that we do share a close parent child bond that distance does not diminish.

So from our home in Wellington that will be your home whenever you choose to join us here I send you my love - knowing this is reciprocated and magnified in London, Melbourne and Auckland