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It was a good day . . . for some at least

posted 16 Jan 2012, 01:08 by Sandra Kirby
Hi guys.  Today was the day we drew the last lottery and I got to do one of the nicest parts of any job - I got to call 5 people to tell them they had won a prize.  I can tell you that without exception I heard  Khaskhas - the mild, appreciative laughter of yesterday.    Quite fascinating 5 quite different people - all started off with "Are you serious?" and once assured that I was all giggled - male, female, 90 and closer to 40.  Lovely calls to make.

I didn't know any of the people personally which was both a relief and sad - would have been nice to call some of our long term supporters (like Nana) to say "You've won".

Lily also though today was a good day - it contained dinner, Tony being home and a lovely waterfront walk with lots of dogs.  For some bodies it doesn't take much to make it a good day!

And for me - well I didn't hit or bite anyone so it must have been a good day too!