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It was a day - Sandra's homework

posted 20 Feb 2013, 01:29 by Sandra Kirby
Initially with Tony but by 8:30 with 10,000 others waiting for walk to start
Listening to "I could walk 500 miles" ( for real)
9am about to start
With Megan and Jill
 Abbvie and Dianne and Yvonne - all in bright T shirts
11am the Finish line
With fewer people as I am in the back half
11:30 the queue for the paying buses is v long.  We waited 40 mins for Tony to fight his way through traffic only 1 bus arrived in that time
4pm walking Lily
With The Wellington Griffon Club and half the dogs in Wellington
Please not extra points for shadows - better than reflection
6pm Baking 
With Choc Banana muffins under tea towel
Note clever reflection

8pm having dinner with Marie
It was a busy day on Sunday ended around 10 watching a rare NZ cricket win
So the day sandwiched by sport - so Sandra like