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It is the drinking really

posted 29 Jun 2012, 03:16 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 1 Jul 2012, 18:51 ]
Not long in from the "end of ALAC" function.  Today was the last of the Alcohol Advisory Council aka ALAC, first founded in 1976 to promote moderation in alcohol related harm and support treatment for those afflicted by alcohol.  
As of now it no longer exists but is part of the Health Promotion Agency.  

While a number of the current staff tonight were v emotional I was not - surprisingly enough even whilst watching others cry!  
Was great to catch up with a whole lot of people.  And I can look back on my ALAC days and say they were great times I worked really hard and gave a great deal of myself to ALAC but I also learned heaps and grew exponentially.  They were good times in the main and I retain many close colleagues from that time.  
Photo is me (obviously) wth Chris, the Corportte Services Manager and one of the new staff - policy analyst I think

If you look up ALACin Wikipedia you will find it is a Brazillian light ant-tank weapon.  No wonder it had to go.