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It follows

posted 10 Apr 2015, 17:26 by Adrian Kirby
Following on from my earlier reports of a wasp infestation, it turns out a young boy in Tasmania found the biggest European wasp nest ever found shortly before we arrived, one which allegedly contained hundreds of thousands of wasps. We saw a few in Tazzie but luckily not that many!!!

Also, my fun useless fact of the week has been regarding the 10th president of the United States of America, John Tyler. Tyler was born in 1790, served as president from 1841 - 1845 and is considered one of the least effective presidents of the US, with his term notable only because he was the first Vice President to take over the presidency following the death of the sitting president. The other interesting thing about John Tyler is that, despite having been born 225 years ago, he has two grandsons who are still alive today! Their family clearly has a propensity for longevity, marrying much younger women and remaining fertile for a very long time!