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It can surprise you

posted 20 Mar 2012, 02:24 by Sandra Kirby
The pain caused by osteoarthritis has been described as having grinding and shattering jagged pieces of glass between your joints. Today we launched the second of our ad campaigns - this one on osteoarthritis
We have reused a metaphor that was last used by Arthritis New Zealand around 8 years ago but still has really high recall - it's like broken glass in your joints.  Although not as high tech as the Matt Lockwood ad for half the cost the ad is pretty good! 
I can report that Adrian and Simon have both seen and reported liking the ad which was a good morale boost for me!

We were meant to be having a cricket match on the lawns of Parliament - with a team of parliamentarians versus an Arthritis invitation team the weather today really pout paid to that.  Billy Bowden had come down to umpire and he had a lovely time!

Day went well - but been another long one.