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Is this where the Boyd salute came from?

posted 2 Oct 2012, 00:02 by Sandra Kirby
Just been reading about the origin of the 2 fingered salute - the one with the palm of hand facing - not the rude one.

Legend has it that during the Hundred Year War (1337-1453) when France and England were at war.  What a long time to be at war, even without killing off your young men that is 3 generations that are fighting.  Anyway it was the archers that were feared as fighters.  So if you captured an archer you cut off the first 2 fingers of their right hand and they could no longer use a bow.  So brandishing the 2 fingers at the French became a British sign of defiance used through the ages .  Now mostly used to say "2 beers please"
During the 100 year war because of this need for archers archery practice was compulsory on Sundays for all able bodied men and resulted in the banning of all other sports - got to stay focused to keep those fingers.

Do you think our Boyd ancestors were archers?