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If You Are the One...

posted 13 Apr 2014, 00:55 by Adrian Kirby   [ updated 13 Apr 2014, 00:55 ]
Hi all,

Aside from a lot of stress at work, things are pretty quiet here in Melbourne - really looking forward to the back-to-back long weekends coming up!

Daylight savings ended here last week and, as if on queue, the weather has immediately packed in - it started raining on Monday and only stopped yesterday. The news tells me there was 20mm of rain on Wednesday alone - just shy of the 22mm that is April's average total rainfall. It's beautiful this evening though, as this quick photo from the deck shows:

Over the last few weeks, Matt, Allie and I have obtained two new obsessions: 

Ponchos caramel-infused tequila, possibly the only alcohol I've ever tasted that could be described as a 'sipping tequila' and

If You Are the One, a Chinese dating show they play (subtitled) on SBS. The show features 24 women at podiums and men come out one at a time. The men play clips about themselves and ask/answer questions and the women decide if they like them or not by keeping on/turning off the light at the podium. The men are only on the show once but they women stay episode to episode until they find a date. It is riveting, and I am not being sarcastic! I recommend checking out one of the many episodes available on youtube. The show caused controversy about the rampant consumerism of young people in China when a woman rejected a cash-strapped contestant who asked her if she would like to go cycling with him by saying  "I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle." 

Anyway, I am off to make dinner for the week - exciting stuff for a Sunday evening.