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I did start a new job today

posted 5 Jun 2012, 01:39 by Maria Johnston

After having had 10 days as an unemployed bum, today I started work as the brand new Marketing Assistant & Sales Co-ordinator for Blackmores.

Awesome day - super busy but got to give input on a new TV commercial coming out, sit in on a few meetings and do some general other admin stuff. Will keep you posted on how it is going forward! 

Tim & I had a great weekend with Mum and Dad which I know Mum has written about and Dad has posted photos of, so won't repeat them except to say it's a lovely feeling being able to have Mum & Dad staying in our home and being able to look after them for a change. Great to have an excuse to be tourists again and also lovely having Mum here today when nerves have been quite high!