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I can be beaten at the most embarrassing parent game

posted 20 May 2012, 23:57 by Sandra Kirby
Wonderful story in today's Herald that I thought you would enjoy - and is sure to be told in the family stories of whichever family it happened to.  Right up there with the condom suit in the Square.

So picture this - Under 10 rugby game being played in Auckland on Saturday.  Little Year 5 (Std 3 for Adrian) children happily running around rugby field; 30 proud parents and family members standing on side line.  Referee, who is a volunteer, doing his best to referee the game.  Awards a try.  Parent standing on the sideline thinks s/he can do a better job than the ref so runs onto the field; telling (well yelling at) the ref with where they are going wrong in quite colourful language  and grabs ref around the throat.  

Referees day job is a policeman - so parent is arrested!

How'd you feel if it was your parent?