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Holy hole in one

posted 3 Jun 2016, 23:49 by Sandra Kirby
The first Friday in June is apparently doughnut day.  We only found out today - only one day late.  We are in Napier with Divers - staying in an old villa which is lovely but freezing cold - cold enough to require us to visit Briscoes (where unusually there was a sale) to buy 2 heaters, a duvet and 3 hot water bottles.
This morning we did traditional minigolf contest - amazingly I came 2nd....  Lachlan, Una and Maeve all managed to get a hole in one over course.  Bernie came first despite no hole in one
While the others had gelato following minigolf Lachlan and I honoured national doughnut day and went to Mister Ds - apparently the best doughnuts in Napier and they were delicious.  Like Robin ( Batman & ...) we thought "Holy hole in a doughnut"