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Happy New Year - Blog no 349

posted 31 Dec 2012, 21:20 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 1 Jan 2013, 11:27 ]

Welcome to 2013.  according to this record there were 348 blog posts in 2012, not quite one a day but averaging more than 6 a week.
with yesterday's birthday present from Tony the quality of the typing in my entries might improve - I now have wireless keyboard for i-Pad.

We had a wonderful New Years Eve yesterday.  Collected Micaela and the 5 ofuswent for lunch at a vinyard in Bannockburn. In the evening we went to Garry and Rose's for dinner/birthday celebration - there were 14 of us in all and it was a lovely night. I think Tony will add photos.
Today we went back to Grindleys as Garry offered us a 4WD trip to see old goldmining areas above Bannockburn - it was an amazing adventure and will be a holiday highlight.

Not entirely sure what the year will entail; no resolutions as such but some thoughts about what could be good changes.  What about you guys?  Any resolutions or half formed plans?
This photo was taken during our walk at about ten o'clock. The clouds had been around all week but only once did we get rained on.