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Happy Mother

posted 13 May 2012, 01:03 by Sandra Kirby
 On this side of the world it is mother's day - been a lovely day and I have certainly felt valued as well as happy.  Thank you.  
With my feelings about my mothering skill when you guys were little I did used to feel Mother's Day was a touch too ironic for me.   I have got over this as I am now reconciled to the fact that I did the best I could at being a parent and together with Tony I do think we provided strong, if somewhat unconventional, parenting role models!

Irony appears to have been a theme this week.  Earlier in the week Adrian was complemented by a colleague for his sarcasm and irony when dealing with difficult customers - his colleague though he couldn't have been a Kiwi.  Adrian noted that he grew up with irony.  In our family irony was just another vitamin - one of life's essentials!

And in my own irony it takes the skill of children in growing, thriving and maturing despite my (lack of) mothering skills to show me that I can be a good mother.  Thanks Mark, Adrian and Maria for being my children - you have given me joys I would never otherwise have known.