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Happy as Larry

posted 19 Feb 2014, 11:47 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 1 Sept 2014, 21:24 ]
Over this week with five of us together there have been many times when someone has been asked "How are you?" Between us the first response (think it was Adrian) was "Happy as Larry" that got quickly qualified to "Happy as Larry when his grandmother just died" and that is how we have stayed.  Today we will be Happy as Larry at his grandmothers funeral.
Probably fewer smiles than these Larrys taken at Victoria Park yesterday. ( Mark can you rotate photo I would be grateful)
Happy as Larry is a NZ expression originating in1875 when a boxer named Larry Foley,  renowned for his smiles, won a large sum of money.  In those days boxing was not a professional sport so winning large was rare.  Newspaper headline was "Happy as Larry" and this obviously struck a chord.  So here's to Larry Foley's grandmother - hope she was as well loved as yours.