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Good gags are hard to beat

posted 3 Apr 2012, 03:08 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 3 Apr 2012, 03:10 ]
 Read some great April Fool pranks from this year - which apparently the LA Times has dubbed as Don't trust the media day The Air New Zealand one was apparently among the best in the world.
In case you missed it on Sunday Air New Zealand promoted $9 straight up fares - based very much on what Ryan Air really wants to do - add a standing hangers in the aisles of economy class.  when people clicked on the link they were told it was a joke and real fares were offered - got thousands of hits to the site that day.

I also liked the Google Tap YouTube video where they were saying you could revolutionize texting by having only a dot and a dash key on your phone and everything would be done by Morse code.  V clever.

Marketing site has quite a good run down.

Oh and only 3 weeks after the kitchen was demolished we have a mostly functional kitchen.  I have unpacked several of the boxes tonight - still have 4 to go.  Not yet found the baking stuff Adrian so no hot cross buns