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Good at the time; better in hindsight

posted 5 Oct 2014, 12:49 by Sandra Kirby
Tonight we are in Auckland, having had weekend in Tauranga.  Now have 2 nights here before heading home again.  Maeve has been returned home.  She really enjoyed the days with us; although the nights got better than first one she was tearful each night.  For her the holiday was good; but will be better in hindsight.
We had been hoping Tauranga would have warm weather but it has been v cold and quite wet.  However we have spent a lot of the time with Tim's family and have very much appreciated the time.  Very special to visit Tim's sisters farm out of Whakatane - an experience that is unique.  Amazing views over towards Whale Island and if it hadn't been so wet with low cloud we might have seen White Island with its almost constant plume of smoke from volcano.  
As always we have enjoyed the family time - and will have built more memories that will be treasured in hindsight.
Photo is from Turkish restaurant in Tauranga last night  - rather unusual name of Zeytin but wasn't at all devilish.  
We did teach Maeve some of the family games - she really got into Bulls and the weekend was full of amia-bull jokes; didn't quite master the registration plate search but did like the red tractor spotting.