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God save the Queen and Andy

posted 3 Jun 2013, 02:27 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 3 Jun 2013, 02:48 ]
We have had a lovely long weekend.  Both Tony and I have intentionally taken the holiday weekend and used the days to re-vitalise.  Tonight we have Becs and Mike staying as Becs is en route to her winter job at Ruapehu  Mike has another 2 weeks till he goes and has his industrial abseiling here in Wellington.  
For dinner we also had Liz, Noel and Marie here.  Eley news is that Chris and Tesh have No3 on the way due in Oct.  v exciting.

As part of our weekend off we did go to the Andy Warhol exhibition at Te Papa.  It was amazing, we were both much more impressed and moved than e had expected.  While I knew Andy Warhol was gay I didn't"t know that he was a devout Catholic for all his life.  No wonder he was a tortured soul.  I also hadn't realised that an ardent feminist had tried to assassinate him - made him a tad focused on death and dying.  We thought his Mao and Jacke Kennedy portraits were great but in honour of the Queen's birthday that we are celebrating this is adorned with his Elizabeth II image.  The colours in this image are a pale imitation of what we saw.