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Getting to look a lot like Christmas

posted 23 Dec 2014, 01:01 by Sandra Kirby
Tonight we have arrived at Maria and Tim's house.  We have settled in quickly.  Had a lovely drive up here with Nana.  Came up the west coast of North Island.  One reason for doing that is because Tony hadn't done road north of New Plymouth before.  I had done it once but in a storm so not sure it counted.  Certainly the trip today in glorious weather (a treat in itself) was magical.  We did stop at the vv busy Waitomo Caves.  Apart from the fact that no cameras were allowed it was marvellous.  Your gift to Tony much appreciated.
We are looking like the Christmas spirit has hit - almost literally (and that is not whiskey)
Hope Mark & Stacey that your Christmas parcel arrives so that you too share part of the NZ family on the day