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Gallipoli Exhibition Te Papa

posted 15 Jun 2015, 14:39 by Tony Kirby
Nana Sandra and I finally got along there yesterday. When we went the other day there was a queue over an hour long so we asked for advice on when to come. Between 3 and 4 on a week day equals busy but no queue. Quite a good reminder that I am not recovered yet as I slipped and needed to use  wheelchair, but the exhibition was tremendously powerful! Well beyond even my reasonable expectations in fact. The picture below gives the scale of the central exhibits, which were larger and somehow even more reaal than life. This Colonel firing with his left arm because his right had been hit (it was later amputated) survived the war. The soldier who was seriously ill and sentence to death for sleeping on sentry duty, had his sentence rescinded but, sent back to the front, died 4 days later (first picture). However you entered the exhibition you would have come out drained.
Jacqueline Makkee of Weta with the out-sized recreation of Spencer Westmacott in the Te Papa exhibition.