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From the antipodes

posted 26 Sept 2012, 13:50 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 26 Sept 2012, 13:52 ]
I have arrived and now 9:30pm I've had 5 hours sleep over the last 48hours in three short bursts. Managing surprisingly well but ready for a sleep now.

Been really great to see Mark today - twice! 
Travel has been relatively straightforward but you certainly know you come from the other side of the world.  Was having dinner with the 2 women from Australia tonight; they had an 8hiur flight to Singapore, a 2 hour stopover and then an 11 hour flight to London.  NZ just that bit further and the smaller volumes mean longer stopovers I suspect.  I know that I go into my own little cocoon and that is a semi- comatose one!  (Though not alcohol induced)
Today I have walked my legs down to the ankles because I couldn't get into hotel room, probably good for me.  I did get to see some of Hyde Park and the park gates at Wellington Arch were pretty impressive though photo doesn't quite do it justice

Went to an Indian restaurant really close to hotel which was amazing.  Place v deceptive, looked small but as you went inside the place just kept going on two levels.  Food came from the French speaking part of India which I didn't know existed.  They called it Creole which I had only ever heard referring to The USA and France before this Creole food was quite quite different to Sweet Mamas KitchenAmazing fish and duck
Quite quite different Indian