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Found something I covet

posted 7 Apr 2014, 02:36 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 7 Apr 2014, 02:37 ]
I think this blog post needs to come with a "May contain objectionable imagery".  Sensitive souls take note
Despite what Moses said about "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's ox" (BTW predictive text was sure I meant neighbours sox - this is an unlikely covetous relationship). I find myself in a covetous frame of mind.  I remember the last time I was in Japan this was a personal highlight.  Seven years have passed but my envy has yet to either diminish or be assuaged.
It's the bidet and heated toilet seat.  Even the public toilets I have used over the last few days have bidets.  Actually the one in my hotel bathroom is probably the least sophisticated of the bidets my bottom has encountered.  And every toilet seat has been warm - totally unrelated to recent use! In some places, though not my bathroom, your toilet can play music to mask the sounds of bodily function and of course a choice of spray direction, strnegth and oscillating or not.  Ah the bliss.  
And the warmth as one sits.  
Have to say I haven't tried the music function - wonder if spottily has a selection of toilet themed music - Handels water suite perhaps? 
Bother the iPad my photo is on an incredible angle - not sure how well you see this but the bidet control panel is adjacent to the loo paper.  Does require some studying and probably easier if you read Japanese!
Bidet I will miss you after tomorrow.  My neighbour can keep their ox, even their sox, but if they have a bidet I will be visiting
Even though we are getting new loo in the ensuite this year I am pretty sure it won't meet this standard