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Fortune teller

posted 25 Mar 2012, 23:10 by Sandra Kirby
Hi guys
Am sitting waiting for flight toAuckland to leave thought I would do this while Ican.  Our computer connection at home has become less and less reliable. We suspect it is the router needing updated but keep put replacement off.  In our best forecasting manner we expect that adding a new router will not be painless.  Mark we need you:-)
Anyway my excuse for no updates yesterday was lack of server connection.

Today as I am brain dead there is a trashy magazine on the seat beside me.  I'm reading Maria's horoscope and thinking "yes one needs foresight for this job".  The people who share Maria's star sign all have birthday's this week so a horoscope that says" healthy eating may prove challenging this week" really shows insight not available to the non psychic!  
In the equally psychic foresight Mark's horoscope says "beware high sugar consumption ahead" and mine says "time with family and friends approaches"

I'm going to be. A horoscope writer in my reincarnation.
MY your inner sight be crystal clear.

Best wishes to Mark and Maria who both have job interviews over the next 48 hours.  I predict a tense time.  Remember to show your skills in a positive light and with the sun in Jupiter others wil be enlightened.