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For the greater good

posted 6 Dec 2012, 01:28 by Sandra Kirby
I had an email from a church friend the other day.  When he had gone to donate blood he was asked if he had been in contact with anyone who had shingles.  He said. He had a friend - contact wasn't close enough to affect him but he was asked to persuade me to give blood as the blood of people who recently had shingles is used to make the zoster vaccination.  
It was enough of a prompt for me to organise a blood donate aft a 10 year hiatus, so today my shingles experience was not a trial but something for the greater good.  How very martyrish or Buddhist

And while I was looking for a suitable illustration for this entry I also found a Leunig that I liked and thought you might.  Not sure about the family descriptions but think he's nailed the dog and cat!