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Hey, that's no way to say Goodbye

posted 10 Nov 2016, 23:21 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 10 Nov 2016, 23:23 ]
The death of Leonard Cohen today is big news for many.  Hard from the coverage to know that Cohen wrote more than 2 songs - Hallelujah and Suzanne, adding to Tony's sense of loss.
I loved this quote from Nana Mouskouri.  She has been a friend of Leonard Cohen for decades and was describing a meeting between Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan in 1974.  " You should have seen Leonard and Bob together.  Neither of them are what you would call a talker, so when they had a conversation it was like watching a game of chess.  Everything happened very slowly and each word had so much meaning" 
This website has some good Dylan- Cohen connections
Did you know Cohen's last tour was to NZ?