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Far from average

posted 19 Feb 2015, 23:35 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 22 Feb 2015, 19:36 ]
Call me a pedant .. . 
One of (the many) irritating comments made by sports commentators is talking about "an average game". This is usually said about player or team that is playing well below "average". For example if Dan Carter has an average of 20 points per game and scores only 6 - this is well below average.  It cannot be said to be an average game or even worse "average day at the office" 
Today Tony and I went to see our only live World Cup cricket match.  NZ vs England. NZ been playing well this year (much better than their average for past five years). England have been playing particularly badly ( much worse than their average). Given the variability of both teams there was a good chance that the game could have been quite even.
Game started at 2 and was due to finish around 9:30. 
England batted first and were all out for very low score - much lower than their usual score.  NZ bowled extraordinarily well with one bowler - Tim Southee getting NZ record.
NZ batted superbly - records tumbling.  Far from an average game. As Tony and I sat down there were 49 runs from 2 overs which was incredible.  England bowled and fielded like a high school team . . . Nothing "average" about it.  
Game all over in record time 
Would have been faster but rules said tea break had to be taken at 5:45. At that time NZ was 12 points off winning. Average was not the crowd response.

So when talking to your pedantic parents be careful about talking averages unless you are meaning the mathematical mean