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Farewell Jean

posted 2 Jan 2015, 00:21 by Sandra Kirby
Jean Watson died last week and her funeral was today in Wellington.  Jean Watson was an author in her own right, ex wife of Barry Crump and resident of Aro Valley.  Last year she had some brief fame as the centre of a documentary called "Aunty and the Star People" about the orphanage she helped run in India.
Tony and I saw the movie and were disappointed - not about her work but more that in the documentary anyway she appeared to have made no effort to learn any part of the Indian culture/local language.  It very much showed the very old missionary style of white woman imposing her standards on the natives.  This may be unfair but was how we saw it portrayed.
Anyway the Star People will no longer have Aunty Jean - hopefully if her work was good it will be continued.
One of the scary things for me is that she is significantly younger than Nana.