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Family by wine labels

posted 29 Apr 2013, 02:48 by Sandra Kirby
We are now passed the meeting friends and are now into family catch ups - saw Mike and Bex last night, Gran this pm then Jenny, Micaela and Liz all came here for dinner.  

Enjoyable night with Mike and Bex.  Bex is a follower of the Kirby blog - she cyber stalks to keep up with then goss!! Bex of course has been working at Rippon Winery for the last few months and can now talk intelligently about wine - at times.  We decided we could describe each family member as if we were a wine

Bex is a beguiling white with floral aromas and a crisp finish
Mike is a smoky red with the cherries and plums hitting the tongue
Tony is an off dry red that has aged well in the barrel 
Sandra is an earthy number, deceptively sharp with a lasting touch of acid at the back of the tongue
Maria of course would be bubbles - fizzing with energy, bursting with fruity notes but a subtle dry undertone

And so we could continue