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Employed or maybe not?

posted 7 Dec 2012, 01:58 by Sandra Kirby
Did you. Know that the White Star line, as in owners of Titanic , stopped paying the wages of the Titanci crew as soon as the ship started sinking?  
If a ship sinks it is no longer a ship and therefore you are no longer employed as ship. Crew.
So the one's who survived were unemployed and the ones who died probably didn't complain.  
The other Titanic related trivia - is that theGordon family (as in Gordon's Gin) offered £5 to the crew of lifeboat 1 for saving them.  The lifeboat crew were pilloried for accepting a bribe when they got to shore - even though they were unemployed.

Also in the trivia line ships have to be careful transporting pistachio nuts as they can spontaneously combust.  Pistachios are officially listed as a dangerous shipping good.