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Dogs and doggy

posted 7 Oct 2012, 04:43 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 7 Oct 2012, 04:47 ]
We've had a great day.  Leisurely start this morning before it was time to take Adrian to bus.
Tony, Nana and I spent afternoon with Marg & Geoff.  Learnt heaps.  One of the things we learned was that last night when we were lost we had ended up in a car park that had a number of cars - we jokingly said it looked to be the local parking up spot.  We were told today that not only is it a parking up spot but its renounced for being the "doggie area".  Had no idea that this was where not only do couples go there to park up and have sex in the car but people go to spectate - get's it's name for the people who "are just taking doggie out for a bit"

We have enjoyed Abby the miniature schnauzer that is v much Marg and Geoff's new baby.  Have tried about 4 times to get this photo in, on camera roll it is straight but no matter how I save it in Picassa it ends up on its die or upside down.  Just tilt your heads and pretend it is straight