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Cultural week

posted 14 Nov 2015, 23:06 by Sandra Kirby
Tony and I have had a busy week - and sampled musical theatre, movie and poetry as well as dinner with friends.  
We enjoyed a local production of Evita during the week. Still very powerful musical theatre.  The last time we saw it live was the Christchurch Town Hall must be about 15-20 years ago!!
Today was not an old favourite but the premiere of a production called Shaky Places - 14 poems by New Zealand poets set to music and sung by a massed choir.  Geoff Robinson (was announcer on Morning Report for 30 years - so his voice was our breakfast accompaniment during your childhoods) read each poem then the choir sung them. The person who did the musical arrangements is a friend of Liz's .  Very talented person
The photo shows only a small section of the choir. 
Was held at Catholic cathedral near Parliament and was a sell out - we got last 2 seats. 
The most powerful piece was based on a poem by Mareewa Glover 

Not A Maori Hui

In the sea of white faces
My black white fave
is invisible
my black white face 
is invisible
in the sea of white 
faces in the sea
see, the white black
faces invisible
in the sea of white faces

Our week ahead will be less cultural Don't think Arthritis NZ AGM gets even close to cultural - though a white brown face would indeed be invisible in the sea of faces . . .