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Cuddle Sutra

posted 16 Jul 2012, 03:15 by Sandra Kirby
I've seen a new business opportunity; not sure how feasible it is in NZ but apparently it works in NY.  Woman of about my age has set up The Snuggery where for $US60 you can lie down with a woman for an hour and have a cuddle - only a cuddle mind you.  She has a book so you can choose your cuddling position from one of is called the Cuddle Sutra and is available from Amazon.  

So when a cuddle is required you could find a book and a person to pay or you could come and see me!  

We had a lovely weekend with Maria and Adrian - there were a number of cuddles even without a book to tell us how to do it.

May you be able to get the cuddles you need for your day