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Crusading against barbaric practices

posted 7 Apr 2014, 14:50 by Sandra Kirby
Have been enjoying The Japan Times.  Different news than I normally see.  This one definitely fits in the "bloggable" category.  
We all know that in Europe the custom is to greet people with at least two, sometimes more, kisses.  In Nimes, Montpellier and cities in the far south apparently three is the usual number of kisses.  Marseilles is two.  The north if France four is normal. One on each cheek - and this can be repeated.  For those of us, even frequent kissy greeters unfamiliar with the practice it can be a little disconcerting - which side first? Will my nose get in the way? Dry or sloppy?  How many head twists-1,2?
Apparently this multiple kissing is not common practice for ALL of Europe; not even all of France.  Brest, in Brittany, is the capital of the single kiss.  Perhaps reflecting the years in which Brittany was ruled by the English their custom is one cheek only.  There is a movement in this region called The Group of the Rehabilitation of the Single Kiss who have put out a media release  stating the "barbaric practice of the double kiss is gaining ground.  Although it is difficult to know why, how or who is insidiously spreading this dangerous social practice it is not too late to respond to it"
Got to admire a group that is passionately, though sedately, standing up to insidious, dangerous and barbaric practices.  
Le Parisienne provided this excellent map of regional kissing practices.  Do keep this as a handy reference for travel in France.