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Craven idols

posted 3 Mar 2013, 18:02 by Adrian Kirby
Hi all,
This is not my homework blog post, the arrival date of that is still TBA.
Anyway, saw Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds on Saturday night - incredible gig that had him backed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and a local primary school's choir for the initial period which included most of the new album and then some of his more savoury classics, including an incredible version of The Ship Song and an electrifying O Children - apparently the latter song was used in one of the last Harry Potter films, of all places. Anyway, he declared it to be the children's bedtime at around the halfway point and after they left the stage proceeded to play the more violent and profane songs that make up a decent percentage of his ouvre. It was an amazing show - he was clearly thrilled to be playing in front of his home crowd and the show went for two and a half hours - a length I am hoping for Neil Young to match and Bruce Springsteen to top (he regularly plays for three and a half hours plus) when I see them later this month.
In an interesting peice of symmetry with a recent blog post from Mum, I found this article about Nick Cave's plan to create a giant gold statue of himself in the small Victoria town he grew up in:

The statue, which Cave already has a foot-high scale model of, isn't just a standard likeness of the singer. "I'm naked on a rearing horse. I have a modest loincloth on. It's this rather wonderful homoerotic work of art," he explained.

Sadly the recession appears to have postponed this wonderful plan indefinitely.

In other Nick Cave news, last week the new album became his first Australian #1, though this week it has been knocked back to #2 by an album by Hillsong Church. I'm sure he appreciates the irony.

At this stage I am unable to say whether or not Push the Sky Away is better than the album from Hillsong. I can confirm that is excellent however!