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Christmas reflections

posted 28 Dec 2015, 23:39 by Maria Johnston
I'm glad there isn't an easy way to show how long it is between blog posts for a person because I'm fairly sure I'm the slackest family member on here (with the exception of Stacey and Tim!)

Mum and Dad will have been here for a week tomorrow and it has been a delight having them here. Great mix of down time, family time and adventures - some more than others after their Rangitoto trip today! Have included some photos of the walk we did on Wades Walkway in Whitford yesterday. Days have included walks with dogs in interesting places - Onehunga Beach, Wades Walkway, Manukau botanic gardens sculpture trail to name a few. Sorry not sure how to make the pictures not go on their sides!!

Looking forward to another few days with them before we leave mine parents and two dogs behind and go to join Tim's family for the Johnston family Christmas on New Years Day.

It surprises me every year how much Christmas has changed since "our day". The Christmas I remember and hold dear with all aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings off to Church, bickering, opening presents - remember the huge pile of presents under the Christmas tree?? - will probably never be a reality again. This year it was a very small (by our terms) and unusual mix of people - Divers, Mum, Dad, Tim's Mum Mary and step-dad Kerry, brother David and Tim and I. It was a wonderful, relaxed day and the Divers were fantastic hosts. I hope one day we get the chance to have a Kirby family Christmas with all the Kirby kids under the same roof again :)

Missing my two brothers very much but know how lucky we are to have had the five of us together so recently.

Love you all, so very much.