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Central Otago is still a great place to be

posted 29 Dec 2012, 01:32 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 30 Dec 2012, 00:33 ]

We have had a wonderful couple of days.  Yesterday we travelled to Alexandra via The Pigroot, which meant instead of driving through the centre of the South Island we drove down SH1 until we got to Palmerston (best known in our family as the ice cream stop before Dunedin) and then headed inland.  Didn't quite get to Naseby where Gran and Pop used to holiday but it was beautiful.  
BTW The Pigroot was apparently named by an early surveyor John Turnbull Thompson and I can't find out why.
We had real trouble finding accommodation for this part of the holidayCentral Otago being a favourite holiday destination for New Year.  ended up in a motel in Alex, which is v reminiscent of our early summer holidays with the Simpsons where we stayed in cabins - the space for 4 adults is decidedly small.  Just as well we get on - and hopefully this lasts for 4 more nights!!  

Enjoyed trip then today we were at Queenstown to collect Tim - one v excited Maria who was a little put out that Tim saw me before he noticed her:-)
Met up with Micaela for lunch then did gondola, visited Arrowtown and called in on the Grindleys - ended up there for dinner.  Met Jamie's partner Kathryn and Kate's partner Matt (both v quiet but nice).  Rose has justhadthe 5th anniversary of her cancer diagnosis - this is good news as now the chances of her getting sick again are about the same as the chances of getting it the first time.

For some reason I am struggling tonight as this keeps crashing.  Am giving up on pictures but saving what I've got for now.  Might get added to tomorrow.