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Capital or Capitol idea

posted 12 Jul 2014, 06:08 by Sandra Kirby
We saw Canberra today.  Did a real Kirby/Boyd start.  Went to find Muggamugga Cottage (where2 mug gas live?) Missed it first time up the street; went back down and eventually saw driveway but it was closed - Bugga Muggamugga. Then tried to find the city . . . Not as easy as it seemed.  Worth it when we did!!  Despite all our trials the ParliamentBuildings were amazing and kept us engrossed for a couple of hours.  Could have done more.  Very much modelled on Washington's Capitol Hill 
We made it to War Memorial museum - signs said "Take an hour or take a day". We had 20 mins so disobeyed both!  
One quote from a plaque inside Parliament that struck us all was from Marcus Clark " In Australia is to be found the Grotesque, the Weird the strange scribbling a of nature learning how to write" 
Lovely description of Australian flora and fauna
Now in Sydney with apartment stone's throw from Kings Cross.