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Backyard bully or tangata whenua?

posted 2 Dec 2013, 00:59 by Sandra Kirby
Every so often I really do understand the logic behind restricted access to media 
Describing tuis as the bullies of the backyard and drowning out the beautiful song of such special birds such as . . .
Sparrows and blackbirds
One of today's letters to the editor showed just why!  As Tony said "Puts a whole new complexion on Grumpy Old Man"
It went t
Ike this
There are lots of reports of tui in Wellington gardens now and some people are saying how wonderful this is.
The birds are nice to see initially, but after a while, even a casual observer will notice how they behave to dominate their patch.  I have watched them chase away any other birds who come into "their property" 
There are no more friendly sparrows here.  The lovely song of the blackbird in the early evening is absent. I blame all this on the Tui bullies. 
Spring is silent except for the weird Tui utterances.

Tuis are so the bully and takeover group that is of course why they had disappeared for years!!!
Still when writing to newspaper being accurate is the least of the requirements