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A Tui Ad in the making

posted 20 Jan 2012, 00:58 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 20 Jan 2012, 02:10 by Tony Kirby ]
I have avoided making any comment on the Costa Concordia - the cruise ship that hit rocks off the coast of Itly during the week.   The captain has become a real object of ridicule - and the very best you can say about that is that he has brought it on himself.
He over ruled the charts and ended up on rocks which have been known about for centuries because of course the coast off Italy has been a central shipping route for quite a while.  Then there was the wonderful recording between caption and coastguard tht was released to the media where basically the coastguards were yelling at the caption to get back on the f**** ship.  Tshirts have been made with this phrase in Italian.  Today captin, who is under house arrest with a range of charges including manslaughter was insisting tht the reason he and his 2ic ended up in lifeboats before most of the passengers was because they fell in.
yeah right is about all you can say!
Today was a big day for Maria - she and Tim are now lead tenants on a house in Epsom - v posh part of Auckland not too far from Una.  From Adrian's point of view infamous for being John Banks territory.  Tony in Chch with Jenny and Gran.

Take care
Love Sandra/Mum