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Asiansea could be worth a look

posted 27 Jan 2015, 20:39 by Sandra Kirby
the-interviewLong time between posts - haven't seen any item that was bloggable lately.
Today I have seen this one - and I liked it.  A Wellington-based video strategy and production company is seeking crowd funding to create a new satirical web series called Agency that follows three "hapless but genuine and enthusiastic" employees at a small creative marketing agency in Wellington and, according to the director, "pulls the veil off the ad industry".

It has set up a website (so named because they couldn't get the [] domain name): They say "Agency is loosely based on challenges familiar to anyone whose professional life includes exposure to the marketing, branding and advertising industries.
A long time ago there was a TV series here called Spin Doctors which used a similar approach around PR companies - it was one of our favourites and the time. I remember the episode where they featured the ALAC Christmas Party that ran out of food and staff members had got totally trolleyed.  Unfortunately it was true - but we didn't know anyone outside of the office knew . . .  
The pilot episode you can see here AGENCY - THE INTERVIEW” by Stem Creative: I thought they captured the interview awkwardness beautifully.  Adrian the interview you might identify with - Maria the role play you might!