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A rare and unusual occurrence

posted 5 Mar 2016, 00:57 by Sandra Kirby
Quick blog post because, even though it is v early on a Saturday night, our household is ready for bed.  Been busy few days. Arthritis NZ conference - just staff for 2 days and public day today. Lot of work - though mostly for others.  Lots of socialising for me. Even for extreme extrovert being highly sociable for 15 hour days is a stretch.  Arthritis NZ has a conference every one to two years so this was not a rare or unusual occurrence.  
Today as the public day we had around 150 people, youngest was in their 20s and I think the oldest person there turns 90 in August.  She came up from Christchurch and is staying with us.  
As well as staff and members of the public we had a number of businesses with trade stands - again pretty standard.  A first (therefore unusual) was that Blackmores sent their Marketing Coordinator for their trade display. She chose not to stay at a hotel but to stay at our house.  
So a work conference with my mother as conference attendee and my daughter as a trade exhibitor is in fact a v rare and unusual experience.
Although Nana didn't attend the dinner last night - it was mostly staff, sponsors and long term founder/ supporters Maria was there.  Conference was at Te Papa, dinner last night at Te Marae which was beautiful. Photo shows me in the waiata group.  Another rare and unusual event.