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An unhinged bigoted human tangelo

posted 13 Aug 2015, 17:47 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 13 Aug 2015, 17:53 ]
Don't know who used "an unhinged, bigoted human tangelo" to describe Donald Trump but I would like to meet them.  What descriptive language!  Lovely piece by Toby Manhire on this site which explains Trump 
The debate with Republican potentials last week saw the very attractive and intelligent blonde reporter asking Trump about his attitude towards women.  He responded with the now infamous words that she had "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever."   When challenged about what exactly her "wherever" was he said anyone who thought he meant from her vagina was a "deviant"  I didn't know deviants were so common - because it certainly has been the most common interpretation.  In fact if the most common interpretation is a reference to her period isn't that then the norm and not at all deviant?

The frightening thing from here is that the more outrageous and offensive his comments the higher his poll ratings.
In a seriously Sarah Palin kind of way he could become the next Republican candidate for president.

Makes our Key and Adrian's Abbott look mild