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A good option though probably none of us will need it

posted 17 Jul 2015, 22:11 by Sandra Kirby
News yesterday that Statisitcs NZ has created a third gender option for data collection - in addition to male and female official firms will now add "Gender Diverse". The other innovation is that gender should not be routinely collected - only where necessary.  News says NZ first in the world to do this although Germany has allowed "gender indeterminate" since 2013, although that may only be for baby's born intersex.

This morning we watched a fascinating documentary about a Maldivian refugee now living here - a gay drag queen was 
Not quite what his devout Muslim community and family in the Maldives could either welcome or cope with a gay drag queen man in the community.  His refugee status was on the grounds of persecution for his gender identity. We were not sure that the burka costume in the doco was culturally sensitive.
Have sent Mark and Adrian link to doco as set email