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29 years and things have changed

posted 2 Feb 2012, 20:00 by Sandra Kirby   [ updated 6 Feb 2012, 01:31 ]
In Feb 1983 when Mark Alexander Kirby was born Kim Basinger was the Playboy centrefold.  (So Wikipedia tells me i don't actually have a copy to independently verify)
In 1983 Playboy was what lonely men used for company.  Of course computers at that stage were in very short supply and the number of personal computers among us and our friends we could count on one hand.
Now I am told that social media has surpassed pornography as the top activity on the internet.  Facebook has 800 million active users with 50% logging onto site on any given day.
In 1983 Facebook was not a word.
And as we held Mark in our arms a computer technician living in London probably was a far fetched dream for a career.
Change is good.